Tower Bridge - L Landmarks

Tower Bridge - L Landmarks

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Product Description

Landmarks - London

Highly Collectible Coin Souvenir

  1. Approximate Dimension: 30mm x 2.8mm
  2. Colour Plated: Copper/Antique
  3. Stored and Deliverd inside protective Acrylic Capsule

Coins Souvenir have become a great way to remember the good times we are having and the exciting new places we are seeing and visiting.
Although we all know traveling around and visiting places is part of the fun to collect coins and souvenirs, there are times when we just cannot be in person.

We provide the best way to keep your adventure going.....

Difficult decisions what to do.....? Throw your coin and let it decide for you!

Collect your Coin Souvenir today.

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