About Us

Welcome to The Penny Men Shop,

Penny Men Shop is managed and operated by The Penny Men Limited, Registered in UK & Wales Company Nr: 7694016 also known as Penny Men Europe. 

Penny Men Shop above all, was created by a passion and the desire to help Elongated Penny Collectors from around the World.

Passionate Collectors press pennies or coins to remember their great adventure and the exciting new places they visited. 

Although we all know that the hunt for the Penny Press Machine and the travel to the location is part of the fun of collecting Elongated Coins, but there are times when we just cannot smash in person. 

Or what about the time you travelled to a distant location only to find the machine Out of Order, etc....! 

The Penny Men is proud to provide a variety of Elongated Pennies to help you keep that great feeling going.

We do not stock most of the Elongated Coins, when your order is received our Local Penny Men will collect the Elongated Coins form our machines on your behalf and charge the same amount as the machine will do, therefore some orders can take few days to be delivered. 

Regular Collectors can register an account with us to receive a loyalty bonus of 10% Lifetime Membership Discount on selected items and first to know about promotions & news. Register as a Regular Collector today.

Thank you for Visiting The Penny Men Shop. 

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